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Who I am!

Jake and Wilson going on adventures!
Jake isn't the dog, despite his name!


"Meet Jake Bushell, the cool cat with a camera and a knack for weaving tales from the wild streets of the UK! Hailing from the land of tea and double-decker buses, Jake is not your average photographer – he's a storytelling maestro capturing the funky dance between humans and the wild critters owning the British streets like a boss.

Picture this: Jake hits the pavement armed with his camera, snapping the secret lives of both the concrete jungle's flora and its fauna. It's like a street safari, and he's the ringmaster of the urban wilderness.

But hold on, there's more to Jake's lens magic! He's not just freezing moments in time; he's spicing it up with historical tidbits and quirky tales. This guy's been spinning travel yarns for years, and now he's tossing them into his photos, adding a dash of humor and a sprinkle of facts. Because who said street photography can't be a historical comedy adventure? Jake's here to prove that every street corner has a story – and he's got the pics that spill the beans onto the toast!

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T- +44 7710 782 088

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